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Loft Living Loft Living Loft Living Loft Living Loft Living Loft Living Loft Living Loft Living

Loft Living

“Loft Living” is today’s solution for a young couple’s perfect house. by gathering personal information and assessing contemporary values loft living is able to define the ideal shape, size and appearance of this house, it developes an associative model based on archetypical house profiles that describe the values of each inhabitant in terms of their belongings and patterns of consumption. today’s first time buyers, faced with the mounting pressures of the greatest commitment of their lives are looking for help. “Loft Living” is today’s solution for young couples seeking to organize their lives and reconcile their relationship in their new home. not only will “loft Living” apportion space and storage in a fair and balanced way but it will also help couples share their commitment to sustainability. using contemporary parametric models and data analysis “loft Living” will arrive and maintain the perfect solution for the first time buyers of the next generation.



“Loft Living” was published in 30 60 90 “Making a Case” Volume 14

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