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Awards / Reviews

Book Award – Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) and Frankfurt Book Fair Book Award.December 2011. “Manifest Destiny. A Guide to the Essential Indifference of American Suburban Housing 
AA Publications (United Kingdom) won the prize in “Typology “category for  Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) and Frankfurt Book Fair book award.
U.S. EPA and AIA Lifecycle Building Challenge 2009 Award of Honorable Mention.  September 2009
AA|FAB 2009 Award ‘Designing Fabrication’ – First Place (Exterior Section). London England. June 2009AA|FAB award theme was ‘Designing Fabrication’ and the competition was organized by the FAB Research Cluster at the Architectural Association in London. The award focused on recently built projects that identify the most innovative integration of design and fabrication processes through digitally driven design systems and protocols that contribute to an international discourse on the emerging technologies.:
Earth Life Competition Award of  “JDF Business Communication Work” from Japan Design Foundation. October 2008. The theme of the 2008 competition is “Earth Life”. The JDF sought unique proposals for products, systems, business models, etc., that will encourage us to asses how we pass on the Earth to the next generation, how, on a daily basis, we can tackle the environmental stresses that we face today and how we can ensure a more sustainable, affluent and comfortable lifestyle.
Nominated for EAAE/ARCC Best Paper Award. March 2009. This award was offered for papers given in the “Changes of Paradigms” conference by EAAE / ARCC and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. This Nomination was one of ten selected from the all conference papers (120 submitted and 50 selected). Nominations made by representatives from each organization.
Finalist in Green Tent Competition – ECOSHACK.August 2004
Special Prize in the “Aomori Northern Style Housing”  Judges: Jean Nouvel and Tadao Ando.December 2001
Third prize in the Shinkenchu competition “The Indefinite House” December 1999Judge Kazuyo Sejima.
Joint first prize in AIA Charette”Inbetweeness in the City”Judges Ed Jones, Fred Koetter, Rick Mather and Paul Finch.October 1999
Special mention in Architecture Foundation “Living in the City” competition.Judges including Richard Rogers and Piers Gough.July1999
First Prize in the Millenium Cafe Competition. Judged by Terry Farrell, Adam Caruso and Rick Mather.October 1998
Second place in Shinkenchu “House for Mona Lisa” Competition. Judged by Kazuyo Sejima.June 1998
Second Place in “Future Visions of Kyoto” International Urban Design Competition. Judged by Tadao Ando & Rem Koolhaas.February1998
Runner up entry in the “Oklahoma Memorial” Competition for the site of the Alfred P. Murrah Building.March 1997
Second place in Shinkenchu competition “Possibilities of Non Movement” with Alex Gino. Judge Kazuyo Sejima.December 1996
Third Prize in the RIBA Superbowl Competition. April 1996Judged by Nigel Coates and Russell Davenport.
First Prize – “The Temple of Laughter” competition with the prize of the commission. Project carried out with Alex Gino. Judges Thom Main, Wolf Prix, Eric Owen Moss, Arthur Ericsson.Novemeber 1995
Third Prize in RIBA Mausoleum competition. Judge Piers Gough and Gerald Mercranor.Feburary 1993.
Second place in RIBA S.E. Region Student Prize Judge Ted Cullinan.September 1987