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BOOK- Manifest Destiny – A Guide to the Essential Indifference of American Suburban Housing.

“Manifest Destiny: A Guide to the Essential Indifference of American Suburban Housing. In 58 very short chapters, Jason Griffiths, a British architect who teaches at Arizona State, miraculously finds new language to describe the eternally affectless qualities of gated communities and tract housing.”

Los Angeles Times 2011 year in review: Best in Architecture by Christopher Hawthorne. Sunday December 18th 2011


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Volume 38: The Shape of Law 

Chapter 3.1 Taste is Law

Archis + AMO + GSAPP, 2014

144 pages, paperback, 203mm x 265mm9789077966389

‘It’s legal, but is it legitimate?’ and ‘It’s legitimate, but is it legal?’ These are questions rarely discussed in public concerning architecture and urban design. Yet architects have to deal with rules and regulations, and architecture is to a large extent defined by them. So the question is: how to deal with the law? Throughout the pages of this issue, we’ve explored different strategies for dealing with legal problems, whether that be through a direct fight o in direct action, through avoiding, subverting or changing the law. Because in the end law is too important to be left to lawyers.



306090 #14: Making a Case. Book Chapter: “Loft Living”

306090 invited a group of artists, architects, and writers to design a house, or reflect on the idea of the house, for this book. Many of the published responses were not single-family homes–many entries questioned the definition of family altogether. These provocations address the collapse of the housing bubble and the persistence of homelessness. A kit-of-parts house reminds us that we may soon need to make use of survival techniques, while a rethinking of the American McMansion and subdivision sees beauty in those very structures and configurations that have led to so much reflection of late. Among the authors/architects included were: Anthony Fontenot PhD in Architecture from Princeton, David L. Hays graduate from Princeton and David Turnbull, Professor of Architecture at the Cooper Union. November 2011. Edited by Emily Abruzzo, Gerald Bodziak, and Jonathan D Solomon.Distributed by Princeton Architectural Press. Loft Living chapter pp.74-87 (out of 180 pages in total). 306090, Volume 14. ISBN 978-0-615-34909-1.


306090 #13: Sustain and Develop – Book Chapter : Arid

Sustain and Develop, the thirteenth volume from 306090 Books, investigates the contradictory yet potentially productive tension between our drive to develop and our growing realization that unregulated growth is eroding the natural ecology in which we live. Sustain and Develop asks if it still possible to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet needs of their own. How can developing countries undergoing rapid urbanization processes be brought actively into the debate? How can developed countries, with their own postindustrial landscapes and shrinking populations, adapt to a redefined global economy? Sustain and Develop provides a forum to investigate the tangle of interwoven issues and relationships that hold potential answers to these questions. Among the other authors/architects included were: Professor Keller Easterling, Associate Professor at Yale School of Architecture, Professor Dana Cuff, UCLA, and Distinguished Professor of Architecture at the City College of New York, Michael Sorkin.Edited by Joshua Bolchover and Jonathan D. Solomon.Distributed by Princeton Architectural Press. Chapter: Arid, pp.274-278, (out of 308 pages in total). 306090 Volume 13. ISBN 978-0692000885. Print run 1500. April 2010


The Invisible University Department of Distance  – L.A.U.W.N Project #19:  A Book of Provisional Information. Book Chapter: The Invisible University Department of Distance is a chapter within the book titled L.A.U.W.N Project #19:  A Book of Provisional Information edited by Samantha Hardingham & David Greene. The book was published in collaboration with the Research Centre for Experimental Practice (EXP) which was set up in 2003 to support, document and generate major experimental design projects which have acted or act as laboratories for the architectural profession, including built and un-built design projects, books, exhibitions and other forms of practice. EXP is part of The University of Westminster, England.Published by Architectural Association Publications. Pages 194-195 (from 280), extensive col & b/w ills 
330 x 240 mm, Hardback, 2008 
ISBN 978-1-90290266-1. Print run 1500. International distribution. Essays by Samantha Hardingham, Sand Helsel, Sam Jacob and Robin Middleton. August 2009


Manifest Destiny – A Guide to the Essential Indifference of American Suburban Housing.

– AA Files 57. AA Files #57 by Architectural Association Publications, pp.51-59. ISSN0261-6823, ISBN 978-1-902902-69-6. International distribution.  Print run of 3700 copies. This journal article, written in collaboration with Alex Gino, offers a photographic and written account of American suburban housing. January 2009