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The House of Things The House of Things The House of Things

The House of Things


The Proposal – “My Things”This project explores the relationship between architecture and consumption. It began by making a cube from all my things !The cube was conditioned by a desire to see the volume of my belongings as a pure form i.e. how much stuff do I have?This proposal for the “The House for Mies van der Rohe” competition examines the relationship between objectivity and the collected object. The incidental process of everyday objects create their own hierarchy and plastic space. This is in confrontation with Miesian planar, plastic and volumetric ambition where the object is either set within the space or hidden within the walls ceiling and floor according to its value. This proposal subsumes all artifacts into a simple volume and examines the spatial possibilities created by their use. The traditional plastic space is replaced by dynamic space that is determined by the system of collection. All objects build! Objects that were previously internalised now defines the periphery of the house.